With sophisticated and specialized techniques, we produce and sell different products for automobiles, electronics, household appliances, pharmaceuticals and so forth.

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Gas Consumption

Oil Consumption

World’s Fastest-Growing Energy Market

Largest Exporter Petroleum

We export refined products all over the world.

Second Largest Refiner

Equipped with the best, refinery plant, we are the second largest in the world.

Third Largest Energy Consumer

Our products are for customer use and business use.

Want To Learn More About How We Help Clients In Oil & Gas?

Stay with us and find out more about our state-of-the-art refinery and production systems.

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The Impact Of Decarbonization On The Gas And Oil Industry

We take measures to stay under emission targets and be a part of the energy efficiency revolution.

Industry Scenario

Learn about every that’s new in energy efficiency and
the production processes with the help of PetroCAD.

City Gas Distribution

It is a critical pillar of business where we deliver gas efficiently and safely to industries, households via pipelines and trucks.

Abundant raw material

For a perennially running machinery.

Favorable policies

We fulfil the increasing demands for oil and gases, on time.


Our employees are our power.


Invest with us to obtain the benefits while you be a part of the changing times. Be a part of the oil and gas business with us.

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Investment Opportunities In Oil & Gas

Oil and business gas in one realm that offers endless profits. Find out more.

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Why There Is The Importance Of Oil And Gas

Why There Is The Importance Of Oil And Gas

Oil and gas have been some of the most dominant yet prominent substances that help the system work in many ways. IEA NZE concurs that there is enough oil in the existing Discovery it can meet the future oil demands if the world gets into a 2℃ pathway. Relevance of...

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Understanding The Exploitation Of Gas And Oil

Understanding The Exploitation Of Gas And Oil

The growth in population also increases the energy demands, yet there is increasingly difficult access for these Limited deposits of oil and gas. Furthermore, it is a common question of what procedure should be followed to exploit gas and oil. Oil exploitation Oil...

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Process Of Gas Exploration

Process Of Gas Exploration

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Four Industrial Gases, Their Applications, And Dangers

Four Industrial Gases, Their Applications, And Dangers

While getting a job in the oil and gas industry is not easy, working there is also not a piece of cake either. It can be more dangerous than you can imagine due to the harsh conditions and unpredictable weather that can cause several emergencies. The workers are also...

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“They are the best in the business. Their measures for undertaking projects to curb carbon emissions is extra-ordinary and welcomed by Business Energy UK.”

- Henry Jonsons